Debut Jewelry Trunk Show Invite

Debut Jewelry Trunk Show Invite

Debut Trunk Show in Raleigh NC

Come one, come all.. Join me to celebrate our local Raleigh jewelry artists in there debut trunk show event

When: November 8th
Time: 6-9pm

Where: Shag and Garnish Salon
8377 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh NC 27612.

Bring friends, come shop, laugh, eat and drink. Please pass this along and share with everyone to make this an extraordinary event.

Artists include:
Megan Wakefield ( 32lbs)- Find her on Facebook under 32lbs
Jessie Voci ( J.Star Designs)
Amanda Wren (Wren Designs)

If you know that you are going to come then please send me an email If it is last minute don't think that your not invited :) I hope to see all of you there!

Friday, July 16, 2010

True Confessions

We all know what needs to be done in life; but, we find all sorts of reasons to put it off. Do you know what needs to be done to sell your house? If you are trying to sell your house in today’s market then you are going to have to go that extra mile. There isn’t any more time for putting off the inevitable. The fact is that there are more sellers than buyers; so, for most people it will take at least 60 days to sell. If you have hired a real estate agent then use them as a resource. They hold valuable statistics, experience and advice.

Maritz Research Staging Polls says: “63% of home buyers are willing to pay more for a house that is move-in ready.”
It is time to begin thinking like a buyer to ensure your house stands out in from the competition. Start by jotting down what you really liked about the house when you bought it. What are the items that you still love about the house? What are the first items that you notice? What is just okay and what is fabulous? What do you know needs to be repaired? Decide if there are renovations that need to be done before the staging or remodeling.

Clean out the clutter! Removing the clutter will make rooms look bigger and brighter; leaving room for imagination. Buyers want to visualize themselves creating their own memories. This means packing up those knickknacks, family photos and trophies. Take down fixtures that you want to keep. If a buyer sees it then they might want it. It might even be time to rent a storage unit. Buyers will open every cabinet and door; so, don’t over stuff them. In most situations a house has shown better with furniture; so, don’t pack up everything. You know are ready to begin touching up the paint, pressure washing and fixing those minor repairs.

Renovations: If you decided to renovate then keep in mind the neighborhood, style and price point. You want your renovates to stay in the middle to low price range. You don’t want to over improve for the neighborhood. Spend your money on the important items before you spend money on the design projects. Talk with your agent before making any upgrades. They will know what type of d├ęcor has been selling in your neighborhood. This keeps you on track and away from risky renovations that may not be attractive to your buyers. You want to concentrate on what gives you the most bang for your buck. The term that is used most is return of investment ( ROI.) ( The areas like kitchen and bathrooms have proven to have the highest ROI. Removing the vinyl floors and countertops from your bathroom has been show to give you back over 100% ROI. Kitchens usually need to be updated to compete with others in that same price bracket. A good rule of thumb is to keep the upgrades under 15%. The other areas to think about are any unfinished areas, roofs, decks, windows and siding.

Home Staging: This is the act of preparing a home to sell with emphasis on presentation. It is just as important as the other processes because it touches on the buyer’s emotional side. This step is necessary if you want to sell your house quickly and for the highest possible price. Staging has proven to sell your house about 32% faster. You can choose to stage the house yourself or hire a professional stager. ( A staged home benefits in every marketing, justifies your price and photographs better. Photography has become especially important with almost 95% of buyers using the Internet as the first impression. The first part of your house that the buyer will see when they arrive is the exterior. If the curb appeal makes a bad impression then your prospective buyer will carry that negativity throughout the house. Make sure the entrance way gives them a nice, bright welcome including a new welcome mat. It isn’t necessary to stage every room of the house but pay attention to the bigger ones. Family rooms and kitchen can have a lot to do with the resale value. Let the room breathe so buyers can envision themselves entertaining and spending time with the family. If there is a fireplace then make it the focal point. Use neutral colors with hints of color to draw the eye. This doesn’t have to be an expensive project. You can change the visual look of a room by an artful placement of mirrors, lighting, arrangement and colors. Another way to spruce up a room is wit simple upgrades like staining cabinets, knobs, changing out faucets, adding plush towels and slipcovers.
Good Luck!!


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