Debut Jewelry Trunk Show Invite

Debut Jewelry Trunk Show Invite

Debut Trunk Show in Raleigh NC

Come one, come all.. Join me to celebrate our local Raleigh jewelry artists in there debut trunk show event

When: November 8th
Time: 6-9pm

Where: Shag and Garnish Salon
8377 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh NC 27612.

Bring friends, come shop, laugh, eat and drink. Please pass this along and share with everyone to make this an extraordinary event.

Artists include:
Megan Wakefield ( 32lbs)- Find her on Facebook under 32lbs
Jessie Voci ( J.Star Designs)
Amanda Wren (Wren Designs)

If you know that you are going to come then please send me an email If it is last minute don't think that your not invited :) I hope to see all of you there!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What does Value mean to you?

What does value mean to you? Have you ever thought about how value is communicated to you as a buyer? customer? friend? I read an article the other day that spoke about consumers being resource rich and time poor. I cannot think of a more true statement. If you watched the super bowl then you saw the Google commercial. I mean you can search anything. It is the first place to turn. In fact with an iphone you can now turn the lights off or turn it into a universal remote. Both of these examples are how companies are portraying resource rich and time poor. There are thousands of companies that are beginning to really catch on to this philosophy. If you have decided to buy a house or even thought about financing then I am sure you have already used your resources. It doesn’t mean that you have more time on your hands even if it is the biggest financial investment. I believe that a buyer should look at the value that a lender or agent can offer you. Value can mean different things to people but a company can truly give you value by offering choices and convenience.

If you didn't see the Google Ad then check it out


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